POP South Africa

‘We all can dance, if we find the tutu that we love.”  


Pop celebrates the spirit of childhood, a time where fairytales exist and inhibitions do not.
Our tutus are magical, they will charm, surprise and delight.
Pop tutus span a girls’ lifestyle, from any day to everyday to holiday to special day.
From the playground, to the ballet studio, to the party!  
A tutu for a tea party, a tutu for an outing, a tutu for a special occasion. A tutu to climb trees and to jump in muddy puddles…tutus for work and for play…in comfort and style.  
Not only are they delightfully affordable, but comfortable, wearable and machine washable!
Our tutu's are an essential to any little girl's wardrobe, and they come complete with built in shorts thus no need to find pants or leggings to wear underneath.  
Twirl, swirl, jump, dance, play, plié…..whenever, wherever.
Developed and manufactured by the same team that brings you Soapbox Kids. Visit the POP Site at: https://poptutu.com/
Contact us at sales@mysoapboxkids.coom or sales@poptutu.com for more information.